Glue API Access

“Where can I get the key and secret to use Glue API?” This is an inquiry we often get. We talked about it, for example, in one of the AEC DevBlog blog posts. But it’s been a while and somewhat buried beneath. It may not be a bad idea to revisit this topic and explain the latest status.

What is written in the previous posts remains more or less the same; we do not have an automated way to provide the key and secret, yet. This is still a manual process and you will need to contact Autodesk Developer Network (ADN), although we no longer call it pilot as by now we have partners who have successfully launched their applications in production (y).

We also do not provide keys to the host that you are using in production environment. This is to protect your data. When you are starting with the API, we will give you a “sandbox”, a test project site that you can play with the API. Once your application is ready for production usage, we will provide keys to your own host, of course.

If you are an ADN (Standard or Professional) member, you can request to have an API sandbox environment. Please contact us with the following information through DevHelp Online with the title “BIM 360 Glue – API sandbox request“:

  • ADN Developer ID
  • Company name
  • Company URL
  • Company description
  • Contact name
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Contact phone number
  • Brief description of intended application

The last item, brief description of intended application, is very important as we can evaluate the feasibility and advice you in case your expectation is somewhat outside of intended API scope at a moment. (For example, if what you are trying to do is obviously beyond the capability of what API offer at a moment, it may not make sense for the product team to support it.)

If you are Enterprise Priority support customer, you are entitled to have a free ADN Professional membership. A little additional step here is that you will still need to contact regional representative of ADN to sign up for ADN if you haven’t done so, yet. (It’s not automatic at a moment although could have been in my opinion. Please also note that Enterprise Priority is different from the license type called Enterprise license. Enterprise Priority is about support offerings.)

If you are not an ADN member (Standard or Professional) and interested in using the Glue API, we encourage you to join ADN:  Even if you are not sure, feel free to contact the regional representative (names are listed under “Contact Us“). For example, startup developers qualify to receive ADN Standard membership at no charge. Same applies for university developers and researchers.

Fore more information about Glue API, please refer to this page.


Update 1/29/2018: as Autodesk announced Forge, you may be wondering what is written on this article still remains valid.  Yes, we are still following the same process. Glue API is not a part of Forge. You cannot use keys generated through the Autodesk developer portal. You may want to look at these posts about BIM 360 and Forge:


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