Glue API Intro Labs Overview

(Update: Glue viewer, which is a plugin, is no longer supported by modern browses. The Glue web services REST API part remain unchanged. If you are interested web services API part, that portion should still work. 9/28/2016.) 

Earlier I posted materials from AU class “SD6867 Introduction to the BIM 360 Glue API.” One of them is called “Glue API Intro Labs”. It is intended to be exercises to learn Glue API for people who is new to the Glue API. (If you happen to use Revit API and learned through Revit API Training labs, the same idea.) Labs include four incremental code projects. Starting from Lab 1, we learn the basics of Glue API:

  • Lab1 “Hello Glue World” – this is the minimum project which shows sign-in REST call. If you are new to the REST API, this lab will give you a pretty good picture of what REST API is like and how to use them.
  • Lab2 “Glue API Intro” – this lab shows how to retrieve project and model ids and display a model in an embedded viewer.
  • Lab3 “Glue API Web Intro” – we then convert a client win forms application written in Lab 2 to a web application.
  • Lab4 “Glue API Web Intro JS” – we add thin JavaScript layer to access element properties and selection.

All projects are minimum for clarity and focusing on understanding the logic of Glue API for learning purposes. They are written in C#, ASP.NET and JavaScript. After the Lab4, the final application looks like below:


API Keys and Secret

Before you dive into a programming with Glue API, you will first obtain a pair of API keys and secret. Please refer to the following post about Glue API staging access:


Update 2015/05/06:

Browsers including Google Chrome are starting to drop plugin support.  As Glue display component is a plugin, it may not work with future version of browsers. We are moving toward WebGL-based solutions in future. If you are interested in viewing part of Glue, we strongly recommend looking into View and Data API instead.

Update 2016/07/21:

Glue API is not a part of Forge platform, yet. You will still need to follow the same manual process mentioned in the link above. A key and secret generated in does not work with Glue API at this time.


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