Glue API First Step FAQ

Here are some of questions that we receive when giving an access to Glue ADN sandbox for the first time:

  1. Glue login problem
  2. Downloading API key and secret
  3. Sign-in using API
  4. Trouble with display component

The most frequently asked by the first time Glue API user is about login. Although it’s not exactly an API question by itself, let me start off with this topic.

1. Glue login problem

A. I cannot access to the Glue using my Autodesk Account nor Developer Network account.

Q. To access BIM 360 Glue for the first time, you will need to have the following two things:

  • Autodesk Account
  • Invitation e-mail from the Autodesk BIM 360 Glue

The Glue will use the e-mail address to identify the user.

Autodesk Account

Autodesk account (also known as “single sign in”) enables you to use the same user ID and password to access multiple Autodesk web sites and web services. If you already have an Autodesk account, you are set. If not, please go to the link below and create an Autodesk account:

If you are not sure what your Autodesk ID and password are or you forgot your password, you can check at the above site.

For more information about Autodesk Account, please visit here.

Invitation e-mail from the BIM 360 Glue

You will receive an invitation e-mail from the BIM 360 Glue, which looks like below:


Please make sure you click on the “Get started” link in the e-mail.  The link contains special id that is required when you first access to the site to activate.

If you experience a problem accessing the Glue site for the first time, please check the following:

  1. Go to the  and verify your Autodesk account is correct.
  2. Make sure you click the link on the invitation e-mail.  Sometimes verifying your account for the first time may take slightly longer. So be patient.

2. Downloading API key and secret

Q. I cannot download the keys.

A. (Updated on August 21, 2016) We e use box to send a pair of API key and secret to you. This is to secure the data to be transferred to only the intended person. Use the same e-mail address that you received the keys for the verification to access box site. box may ask you to create an account for the first time.

3. Sign-in using API

Q.  I cannot sign-in to Glue using API. I’m using samples.

A.  Please check the following and make sure they are correct:

  • company_id
  • API key and secret
  • Base API URL

company_id is the name of the host. If you are using the ADN sandbox environment, it is “adn”. In the UI, you can see your host name at the top-left of Glue client page, right next to the “Autodesk BIM 360 Glue” (see the image below):


Typically, the base API URL is Some developer might be using a staging server. If so, the name might be different. Samples may be using one of those server names. Please change it to match to your environment if it is different. If you are using “adn” sandbox, it will be the same as above.

TestHarness will be a good sample to start as it allows you to test variables including the above.

4. Trouble with display component

Q. I’m not able to display a model in the embedded display component. I get “Access unavailable” message.

A. Update on August 21, 2016: we no longer support display component. If you are interested in viewing capability, we suggest you to look at Forge Viewer.

Suggestion/workaround below are deprecated:

If you are experiencing a problem with a display component, please test the URL you are passing, using the browser. You can place a breakpoint in the debugger at the line where the display component URL is composed. Copy the string and paste it directly into the address field of supported browser, such as Chrome and Firefox. Make sure the base URL for display component is correct. (i.e.,

Also be aware that the display component provides JavaScript layer, which may throw script error messages in the environment like win form. To avoid the message, setScriptErrorsSuppressed as True in the properties of WebBrowser tool. Glue display component is meant to be used as a web service, and not designed to be fully functional when embedded in a win forms application.

I intend to keep notes on this page as future reference.



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