AWS IP Address Ranges

We received this question. I thought somebody else might need it, so posting it here.

Q. I need to get the IP addresses of the servers where my BIM 360 Field project is hosted. This is to open the correct range of IP addresses inside of the firewall. Is it possible to get them?

A. Field uses Amazon in the back end. The list of possible IP addresses is published by Amazon:

These EC2 IP ranges are also available in JSON format:

Field web servers are in the US West (Northern California) data center.


09/05/2016 – updated. Took out the link to the original announcement which has been deprecated.

Arduino Controls View and Data API

Ever since I started to play with Arduino, I wanted to do something with Arduino connecting with one of products that I work with. But I’m always very slow. Well… Ron Dagdag certainly proved that.

Ron Dagdag is one of winners at the recent AEC Hachathon in Dallas. He used View and Data API, overlaid additional information on top of the viewer screen and used leap motion to control it. He has successfully presented his work at the end of the event. But he also had additional idea of connecting Arduino to the Viewer. He was planning to use flex sensors attached to a glove, and control the viewer with hand gestures. Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish this part within the duration of the Hackthon.

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BIM 360 Plan: Latest Addition to the BIM 360 Family


On May 20th, Autodesk has announced the latest addition to the BIM 360 Family called BIM 360 Plan. BIM 360 Plan provides cloud-based solution to manage short-term scheduling and supports so-called lean construction or for eliminating waste in the construction process. Our colleague Paul Walker wrote comprehensive introduction of BIM 360 Plan on his blog. So I’m going to leave the detail to his blog.

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Cut Plane View in A360 Viewer

I received the following question from a partner: “Are there any plans to have a cut plane view in the viewer?” 

This functionality is already there in the latest production version of A360 viewer. API has been there since the last November. It’s under:


This will be a very useful feature. Please try it out if you haven’t, yet.


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/api/get_checklist_headers Not Returning Full List

This issue of using BIM 360 Field API was brought up a few times in the past. Unfortunately the documentation isn’t updated, yet. So let me write about it.

Q. I’m trying to retrieve checklists for a given project in BIM 360 Field. I’m using REST call /api/get_checklist_headers. This request does not seem to return all the checklists for a project that we see in the Field Web UI. Why is that? How can we get all the list?

A. There is one more parameter missing in the documentation to control this behavior; you will need to include parameter application_version = 1.10 or greater.

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Machu Picchu Rock ‘n’ Rolls in A360 Viewer

I was at AEC Hackathon in Dallas from May 1st to 3rd. This time I joined with Shiya Lu, the newest member of my team.

This was my fourth AEC Hachathon (including the one organized by Thornton Tomasetti last May). It turned out to be the smallest among the ones that I attended: about 30 participants probably. But the size does not seem to matter when it comes to Hackathon. There is always excitement, energy, new experience and discovery. While with larger ones, your attention span tends to get choppy (e.g., you may find yourself repeating introduction one after another), a smaller one seems to give you more time to get to know each other one step further.

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Google Chrome Drops NPAPI Plugin Support

With the release of Google Chrome version 42, you can no longer run plugins, such Java and Silverlight by default. This is due to the Google’s decision to drop so-called NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface). At a moment, you can still turn on the support if you wish. But it will be a temporary remedy as, according to Google, it will cease all together by the release 45 later this year. For more information, please refer to this article.

How does this affect us?  BIM 360 Glue viewer component is Java application. If you are using Chrome as your default browser, Chrome will block the Glue viewer from running.  If you are using Firefox and IE, you don’t have this problem. (I haven’t tested with other browsers. Other browsers should continue to work as this is a Chrome specific issue.)

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