Cut Plane View in A360 Viewer

I received the following question from a partner: “Are there any plans to have a cut plane view in the viewer?” 

This functionality is already there in the latest production version of A360 viewer. API has been there since the last November. It’s under:


This will be a very useful feature. Please try it out if you haven’t, yet.



“Section Analysis” tool (middle-left along GUI tools) allows you to add a cut plane or “crop box” (in Revit wording) and to examine the section of 3D model. Top: the imagine on the top shows a model with a cut plane. Above: the original 3D model.


GUI tool set for cut plane. 

Note: at the time of this writing, this feature is available through the API and in A360 viewer. But not (yet) in the A360 Hub or    



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