Identify Layout Points Coming from Total Station

Here is the first question that I received about Point Layout API.

Q. In the Glue API reference document, I see there are APIs for Point Layout. But it looks to me that they are points of a model only. Do we have any API to get point data coming from Total Station?

A. The sample response in the documentation for getting points for a model includes the description of each item for a point data. But it does not include actual sample data nor more detailed information. Having a sample with real data might help understand where to look for to identify point coming from a total station. Below are two examples taken from an actual point data in JSON format. The first one shows data that came from a robotic total station. The second is from a model with points generated using Autodesk Point Layout:   Continue reading “Identify Layout Points Coming from Total Station”


Glue API: Visibility of Company Roster Explained

Q. I’m a project admin for a Glue project. Using company_roster REST call, I can get a list of users who are in other projects and not necessarily in my project. Is this intended behavior?

A. Yes, this is the way it is designed. The primary reason is that the company roster API is required when a project admin would be adding a new user to a project. If they cannot see the entire company roster list, it would be impossible to add people to a project that weren’t already on one of their existing projects.

This is the same for host admin. If you are full member, you will not see the list as you do not have a right to add members.

Related to this, if you see a member with no name, this person has not accepted the invitation, yet.


Boston TechJam 2015, VR and EMBER 3D Printer

There was a big festival-like atmosphere at City Hall Plaza in Boston on Thursday evening. There was the event called Boston TechJam. It’s a networking event for tech companies with the goal of fostering startups and innovators, allowing them to showcase their latest technologies. There was food, beers, music, and games. There was also “pitch tournament” by top startups. Anybody who is interested in technology were invited to come. According to the e-mail that we received from the organizer in the morning of the event, nearly 4000 had bought tickets by that time and there was an option of walk-in. According to BostInno, TechJam is the largest innovation meet-up in the region. It was indeed a jam of people and jam of activities.

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Retrieving Checklist Items with Section

Here is another question I got today.

Q. I’m using Field Checklists API to retrieve Checklists. But I cannot seem to distinguish items under different sections.

A. First, please make sure you use APIs under /fieldapi/. /api/get_checklists is deprecated.

You can use the following two REST calls to retrieve checklists and their detailed data:

  • GET /fieldapi/checklists/v1 — this allows to retrieve a list of checklists for a given project.
  • GET /fieldapi/checklists/v1/:id — this allows to retrieve the detailed information of a given checklist, including a list of items and sections. Here, “:id” is a id of a checklist. “:id” is specified as URL segment as oppose to a “name=parameter” pair.

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Deprecated Glue API Calls Will Be Removed

Back in February, I pointed out four deprecated Glue REST API calls in the following blog post:


Namely, the following are deprecated calls:

  • model/v1/info
  • model/v1/markups
  • model/v1/view_tree
  • model/v1/view_info

I hope you have migrated to /v2/ by now. If not, please make sure you migrate them as soon as possible. Deprecated API calls will be removed sometime next month. 

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