Field API: Search Issues by Date Updated

Here is another question I got from my colleagues a few times. Again, this is about issues/search. This time how to filter by the date of update.

Q.  We want to search for all the new or updated issues since a specific date. For example, we want to get all the new or updated issues since the last Friday (07/24/2015). Is there an API call that will allow us to make such request?

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Field API: Get the Number of Issues

This is a questions I got from my colleague. Quick one, yet, might be easy to miss if you are skimming through the document.

Q.  Is there a way to get the total number of issues in a given project without actually retrieving the issue records?

A.  You can use:

POST /api/get_issues

with “count_only” parameter set to non-nil. (In another word, you can give any value.) This will return only the issue count, e.g.,



Autodesk Cloud Services Health Dashboard

Health always comes first. Without it, we cannot do much. We feel helpless.

Autodesk has just launched “Health Dashboard” for Autodesk Cloud Services. You can check the status of Autodesk Cloud Services as well as upcoming maintenance schedule right on the single web page:

Below is an image of the Health Dashboard. Currently eight cloud services are listed on the page, including BIM 360 Glue and Field.

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Field API: Filter Issues by Issue Type

This topic was raised through a forum post. I also saw a similar inquiry came internally, too. I thought it’s worth a little bit of explanation.

Q. We would like to get a list of issues filtered by project and issue type. However, we do not find any API option to filter by issue type using BIM 360 Field API /api/get_issues. If we attempt to get the whole list and filter ourselves, we are running into timeout exceptions as most of our projects have large number of issues. Is there any other way to retrieve such a list?

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LmvDbg – Learning Tool for View and Data API

In my previous posts, I pointed out a sample called “LmvDbg”. It’s an extremely helpful sample to learn about the client side of View and Data JavaScript API. In fact, I would attribute it as a learning “tool” beyond a sample application. When I “googled” about it, however, it appears that nobody explicitly wrote about this sample. I only see a few posts on forum by the author. I thought it’s worth a special attention through a blog post to raise an awareness about this sample. After the basic understanding of View and Data API, for example, through the labs exercises, it’s probably a good next step to look at this sample as well.

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Lab5 View and Data API Intro – Get Properties & Search

Update 11/28/2016. this is written before Forge was introduced and some part might be outdated. Please check the latest at I intend to update when I get a chance. 

This post was prompted by Sagar’s inquiry about accessing properties of Revit model using View and Data API. He left a comment saying that he followed my tutorial and was able to view the uploaded model successfully. So let’s take View and Data API Intro Lab4 as a starting point and build on top of it. In this post, we are going to add two functionalities that allow you to:

  • Select an object and obtain its properties
  • Search the model for a given string and isolate them in the view

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Updating a Custom Field of an Issue by Field API

Q. I want to update a custom field of a given issue through the Field API. Is it possible?

A. It is possible to update a portion of fields of an issue. You can use the call:

POST /fieldapi/issues/v1/update

In fact, it is similar to what we have showed in “Field API Intro” Labs code for creating an issue. The difference is that, instead of using temporary_id which is arbitrary, you specify the id of an existing issue.

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Creating Users with Glue API

Automating user creation for a given project seems to be one common task using Glue API.

Q. We want to create users for a certain Glue project programmatically. I looked at User Service APIs. But I cannot find a web service call to do this. Is it possible to create users using API?

A. Yes, it is possible. The following two calls are needed to invite a new user to a project:

  1. Invite a new user to company/host

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