/api/get_equipment details Parameter Explained

Field REST API call, /api/get_equipment, allows you to retrieve equipment records. It has a parameter “details” which, in the API reference page, read as follows:

details : string – Whether to retrieve equipment details, or just header information (e.g. ‘some’, ‘more’, ‘none’)

I find this description vague. From an internal discussion, I learned that there is details = ‘all’ option as well, which isn’t documented. So I decided to experiment these options for details parameter. I thought sharing my observation here with sample outputs might clarify the meaning of these options.

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Robotic Fabrication Workshop

Summer time fun at Waltham office. There was a workshop about robotic arm fabrication at Waltham office this week, led by Nick Cote, summer intern and researcher in residence.

The robot we used is ABB IRB-120. It’s a small industrial robot with a shape of “arm”, the height of 70cm (27.5 inch) and the weight of 25kg (55 pounds).

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BIM 360 Field Administration Feature Enhancement

If you are a BIM 360 Field account administrator, you may have received a notification e-mail titled: “Important information about your Autodesk BIM 360 Field account”. The Field product team is releasing updates with new features which require customer-by-customer-base updates. The changes are around administration feature. Account and Project administration areas are redesigned, and have clear distinction between two types roles to help streamline administrative tasks:

  • Account administrator can create projects and assign project administrators who will grant their project members access to models and data. An account administrator is typically an employee of the general contractor or owner organization, such as the IT manager.
  • Project administrator can invite/edit/remove project members.  (Project creation is by account admins mentioned only.)

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Field api/projects Returning Erroneous is_active Value

There was an interesting question. /api/projects call returns a field named is_active with a value of true/false. This indicates which project is currently active in the given UI session. This could be easily mistaken as project status.

Q.  /api/projects call returns is_active, a value of true/false.  But it is not reporting correctly. Please see the images below.

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Uploading a File to the Library

In my previous post, we looked at how to attach a file to an equipment programmatically. In this post, we will look at how to upload a file to the library with tags. The code is actually simpler with uploading to the library as we don’t require a secondary level parameter collections about the detail of the uploading file.

Publish – Request

This is a call to upload a document to the project’s library.

URL: https://bim360field.autodesk.com/api/library/publish

Supported Request Methods: Post

Documentation: https://bim360field.autodesk.com/apidoc/index.html#library_api_method_1

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Attaching a File to an Equipment

Programmatically uploading and attaching a file to a Field object is possible using the Field API REST call:

POST /api/attachments

This week, I got an inquiry about how to attach a file to an equipment. I thought a little more explanation with a minimum code sample beyond online document might be helpful to understand the usage.

Attachments – Request

This is a call to upload/delete an attachment.

URL: https://bim360field.autodesk.com/api/attachments

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