Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias @ Work

Recently one of my colleagues pointed us to a YouTube video. It is about “Unconscious Bias @ Work” by Dr. Brian Welle, Director of People Analytics at Google. At first, I thought this is yet another discussion about gender difference. A half way through, I started to see it goes beyond that. Around 34:50 (min:sec) in the video, he shows a graph of networks among employees; i.e., engineers creating their own tight clusters, sales team another, HR being not well networked, and so on. He goes on and answers questions like advantage of different types of social networks, i.e., between broad vs. intensive social network (47:00). He gives an example of how generalist’s broad social network helped draw ideas from different groups, leading for Google to innovate beyond gmail. While for the invention of contact lenses that measure the level of glucose in your blood to help diabetic people, more intense social network was needed among people who makes the machinery very, very small, chemists and biologists.

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