Selecting Views to Publish Revit Project on A360

When you publish a Revit model on A360, by default we will see only the default 3D view and all the sheets published. Occasionally, I get a question: “Is it possible to publish other views?”  The answer is “Yes.”

If you want to include other views or want to select views that you want to include or not to include, you can use a “Views for A360” tool in Revit. The tool is a part of Collaboration for Revit (C4R) feature. If you have C4R installed, you can find it under “Collaborate” tab >> “Manage Models” panel >> “Views for A360” button. (See the picture below.)


“Views for A360” tool brings up a dialog which lists all the available views and sheets. You can choose and define a set of viewers there. The image below shows a sample image of the dialog:


There is no control with the viewer on A360 side.

In case you are curious about how this works, here is a little bit of background info.  Views to “translate” is saved in Revit ProjectInfo. You will need to set this before you uploading the file to A360. The image below is a “snoop” view of ProjectInfo using RevitLookup.  As you can see, the information is saved using Extensible Storage.


This functionality is a part of C4R add-in, which is installed per-computer add-in install location, for example:


You can find ExportViewSelectorAddin.dll under ExportViewerSelectorAddin folder in the same directory.

Although it is not officially supported, but you should be able to use it to set the view to export with/without the view selection dialog by using ExportViewSelectorAddin.dll.

Disclaimer: direct use of this dll is not officially supported. Okay to use it as long as it serves your purpose. It will be nice to have as a part of official API in future.

For detailed instruction about how to use “Views for A360” tool, please see:



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