BIM 360 Team

You might have heard by now that recently Autodesk has announced the rebranding of A360 Team as two offerings:

Right now, there is no difference in functionality other than branding. But the goal is to make the experience of A360 more industry’s needs friendly from now on; BIM 360 Team for AEC customers, and Fusion Team for manufacturing.  Continue reading “BIM 360 Team”


Base URL for BIM 360 Field in European Countries

This week I learned that the base URL for accessing BIM 360 Field and its API for European customers is different from the one in the U.S.: i.e.,

Notice “eu” in the URL for the first one. Obviously for the first one, the data center is somewhere in Europe, while the second in the U.S.

This means that you will need to use appropriate URL to access UI. You also need to choose a corresponding base URL to use the REST API. You cannot switch projects between the different servers.

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Development Sandbox for BIM 360 API

As I wrote earlier, BIM 360 account level API is now available as preview beta. One of the first questions we receive is about development sandbox which is suggested on the documentation. Currently, while we are still on preview mode, the sandbox or development environment is offered to the following licensees:

A member of ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) 

If you are a member of ADN (Autodesk Developer Network), you can order NFR (Not for Resale) version of license. Software and Web services for ADN membership is solely for development purpose. You can use it for your development. If you don’t have an access, but you know your company is an ADN member, please contact your company’s Account Manager. He/she can order the web services for you or if he/she has ordered one already, he/she can invite you as an BIM 360 enterprise account admin to use the API.

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Urban Innovation Festival and Outdoor Hackathon

Summertime typically means outdoor activities. Hackathon is not something you usually associate with outdoors. Who wants to spend sunny weekend indoors?

Design Museum Boston, a group of energetic, creative minds who love city, recently hosted an event called Urban Innovation Festival. It was a design competition to revitalize the space underneath of the interstate highway overpass. The competition was in the form of 2.5 days hackathon over the weekend between July 29-31. What’s unique about this event was that it took place outdoor, open space right at the location of the design challenge: i.e., underneath of the I-93 in the city of Boston. This is the area typically considered not inviting. People normally feel uncomfortable walking alone and consider unsafe. The overpass is dividing communities on the both sides. The intention of the event was to change this negative atmosphere through design. Autodesk was one of the sponsor for the event. Several of us from Autodesk Manchester and Boston offices participated.

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BIM 360 API on Forge

Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Forge is a collection of web services that allows you to build your own applications and services to work with design data. At the time of this writing, we have the following group of API’s officially released:

  • Authentication (OAuth)
  • Data Management
  • Design Automation
  • Model Derivative
  • Viewer

The following are in preview or beta stage:

  • BIM 360
  • 3D Print
  • Reality Capture

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Materials from Forge DevCon 2016

Long overdue. The materials from Forge DevCon 2016 back in June are finally available. I’m listing the links below along with some notes from my perspective. (I was the AEC track lead. My view is more from AEC perspective.) Also note that not all the materials are available. The keynotes are only ones that speakers gave us a permission. The class session recordings were made after the conference, and only ones that the speakers were willing to do so.

Forge DevCon 2016 Archive Page

This is the main link to Forge DevCon 2016 archive page. You can find recordings of the keynotes. It also keeps the agenda and abstracts as well as list of speakers.

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BIM 360 Account Level API Available As Preview Beta

BIM 360 account level API is released as preview beta. BIM 360 account level API, which is also referred as HQ (Headquarter) API, offers account management functionalities, such as the creation of projects and member controls. Currently the API is accessible for the owner of following license types:

  • BIM 360 Enterprise account
  • NFR (Not for Resale) version that the member of ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) can order for development purpose (*1)

I may call BIM 360 API as “HQ API” interchangeably for the sake of clarification and not to confuse audience who uses different BIM 360 product family, such as Glue and Field.

You can find the detailed explanation about HQ API on Forge documentation page:  Continue reading “BIM 360 Account Level API Available As Preview Beta”