BIM 360 Account Level API Available As Preview Beta

BIM 360 account level API is released as preview beta. BIM 360 account level API, which is also referred as HQ (Headquarter) API, offers account management functionalities, such as the creation of projects and member controls. Currently the API is accessible for the owner of following license types:

  • BIM 360 Enterprise account
  • NFR (Not for Resale) version that the member of ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) can order for development purpose (*1)

I may call BIM 360 API as “HQ API” interchangeably for the sake of clarification and not to confuse audience who uses different BIM 360 product family, such as Glue and Field.

You can find the detailed explanation about HQ API on Forge documentation page: 

*1) ADN member can find “Development Software and Web Services Request Form” from the upper right pane on the main page of ADN extranet ( 

First Step

Before we dive into programming, however, there is an important step that you need to go through; exchange of your developer key and account ID in the Account Settings. Here is how:

  1. Log into your BIM 360 Enterprise:
  2. If you have more than one account, choose one you want to integrate your application.
  3. Go to Account Settings menu (“i” icon on the left. See the image below).
  4. You should see “Apps & Integrations” tab if you are the account owner of license types mentioned above.
  5. Click on “Add Integration” button to register your app for the specific account. Then, follow the instruction.

BIM 360 API Apps and Integrations page

This allows your app to access the given account. Note that as of this writing, BIM 360 only allows 2-legged authentication which is meant for a business to business integration or enterprise application level integration. 3-legged authentication, which is for user context, is expected to come later.

For more detail about Apps & Integration, please refer to the product help: To Add Apps & Integrations



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