Materials from Forge DevCon 2016

Long overdue. The materials from Forge DevCon 2016 back in June are finally available. I’m listing the links below along with some notes from my perspective. (I was the AEC track lead. My view is more from AEC perspective.) Also note that not all the materials are available. The keynotes are only ones that speakers gave us a permission. The class session recordings were made after the conference, and only ones that the speakers were willing to do so.

Forge DevCon 2016 Archive Page

This is the main link to Forge DevCon 2016 archive page. You can find recordings of the keynotes. It also keeps the agenda and abstracts as well as list of speakers.


The above DevCon page includes the recordings of the keynotes presentations. Among them, personally most memorable ones are:

  • Chris Anderson, Founder & CEO, 3D Robotics – He says he got into drone, trying to help his children playing with it. His philosophy of making things “just work”, I cannot agree more. There are many examples of impressive models created from photos, including Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver Colorado. Just spectacular. Adding time scale to the image and measuring the amount of soils moved automatically from photos.
  • Amar Hamspal, Senior VP, Products, Autodesk – Amar talks about Autodesk’s Forge What it is, why Autodesk is investing it, why it is important.
  • Ben Cochran, Senior Software Architect, Autodesk – Ben talks about a big picture of Forge API from implementation perspective, describes basic design and demonstrates with samples using Forge API. If you are a programmer and ready to get your hands on with Forge API, this will give you a good overview.

Session Recordings

Other than keynotes, each session wasn’t recorded during the conference itself .  But some of the presenters (including myself) made recordings after the event while still fresh in our memory.  I hope you will find them useful learning API.

  • Visual Reporting with Connected Design Data, by Philippe Leefsma
    Some of you may already know about Autodesk View and Data API. Philippe is the expert of Viewer API at Autodesk (among other things). He talks about what you can do with Model Derivative API and Viewer. If you are interested finding out about the capability of those API, this will be a good source. The slides is posted here.
  • Free Your Design Data, by Adam Nagy and Shiya Luo.
    This session describes how to use Model Derivative API, which is data extraction and translation (or file conversion). The slides is here.
  • Free Your BIM Data, by Jeremy Tammik
    This session discusses the application of above mentioned Model Derivative API specifically in BIM workflow.  Presented by Jeremy Tammik, the famous Revit API blogger. The slides is here.
  • Extend BIM 360 Docs with the Issue Service API, by Mikako Harada and  Galia Traub.
    This session provides a preview of APIs for BIM 360 Docs. BIM 360 Docs is a good example of Forge API used internally in Autodesk products. This session dissects Docs through Forge API perspective, and explains how new Forge API plays roles in Docs and extends it. Note that the recording itself covers only the first half of the presentation. The latter half is about Issue API, but we’ll wait for another opportunity for that portion. The slides is here.

More Session Slides

Additional presentation slides from each session are also available from I found that the site is very difficult to navigate and search. So let me put a few links here from AEC tracks which are not listed in the recorded section above:


Here are two links to the photos albums that Autodesk took:

Below are a couple of more photos we took.

Future of BIM panelFrom the panel: “Toward the Next Generation of BIM.” From left: Anthony Hauck, Kelly Cone, Jim Awe, Manu Venugopal, and KP Reddy. 

Back of main stage screenThis is how the back of main stage looks like. The beautiful screen on the main stage is actually made up hundreds of monitors. Impressive, isn’t it?  

Galia and Mikako at DevCon 2016
Galia Traub (left) and myself (right) at the podium, about to start our session. Fort Mason, Gallery 308, one of  the breakout rooms.  

Chris Anderson and Mikako
Mikako (left) with Chris Anderson (right), Founder and CEO of 3D Robotics. I’m looking forward to working with 3DR on Forge.

This was the first Forge conference, the largest developer event I was involved as a part of organizing side. I regularly do a couple of DevDays every year. I have done AEC DevCamp several times in the past. But this is the largest in scale. Lots of meetings, uneasy feeling during the preparation as Forge API for Docs are still being baked. But after seeing a big success, I’m already looking forward for the next one.



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