Development Sandbox for BIM 360 API

As I wrote earlier, BIM 360 account level API is now available as preview beta. One of the first questions we receive is about development sandbox which is suggested on the documentation. Currently, while we are still on preview mode, the sandbox or development environment is offered to the following licensees:

A member of ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) 

If you are a member of ADN (Autodesk Developer Network), you can order NFR (Not for Resale) version of license. Software and Web services for ADN membership is solely for development purpose. You can use it for your development. If you don’t have an access, but you know your company is an ADN member, please contact your company’s Account Manager. He/she can order the web services for you or if he/she has ordered one already, he/she can invite you as an BIM 360 enterprise account admin to use the API.

Here is the link to the ADN extranet:

Here is the direct link to the “Development Software and Web Services Request Form

(Note: those are links to the member only sites.)

Enterprise Priority Support customer 

If you are an Enterprise Priority Support customer, you are entitled to have a free ADN membership. You can request the NFR version in the same way as the ADN member mentioned above.  Note that you still need to sign up a form to get an account to login to ADN extranet.

If the above does not apply …

If you are not an ADN member (Standard or Professional) and are interested in writing an application using the BIM 360 API, we encourage you to join ADN:  Even if you are not sure, feel free to contact the regional representative (names are listed under “Contact Us“) to discuss possible options. For example, startup developers qualify to receive ADN Standard membership at no charge. Same applies for university developers and researchers.

If you have further question, please contact regional representative or myself.



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