BIM 360 Team

You might have heard by now that recently Autodesk has announced the rebranding of A360 Team as two offerings:

Right now, there is no difference in functionality other than branding. But the goal is to make the experience of A360 more industry’s needs friendly from now on; BIM 360 Team for AEC customers, and Fusion Team for manufacturing. 

If you go to the BIM 360 main page, you will see the BIM 360 Team is  lined up as a part of BIM 360 family products/services now:


Even though they say no change, I was still curious and I just gave it a try to see how it looks like right now. The picture below is the first look. (no change 😀 ):


Your existing A360 Team site remains the same. If you creates a new BIM 360 Team site, you see a logo replaced with “B” instead of “swirl” icon. I tried to see if there is any setting where I can change the A 360 logo to BIM 360 Team. But it does not look like it works like that. I should be patient and wait for further notice.

One thing to note: if you try to create a trial site while you already have an account for A360 Team, the system won’t let you create one. So you will need to use a different e-mail address or an account which is not associated with your existing A360 Team account.

For me, this gives a good excuse to start writing about new Forge API using BIM 360 Team.  Although BIM 360 Team seems like another stand along BIM 360 family products, from API perspective, there are a lot in common between Team and Docs.

For more detailed note about this re-branding, please refer to:

Looking forward for future enhancements made to BIM 360 Team for AEC community.



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