Where to Get Help about Forge?

Forge seem to be getting a bit of momentum these days. I get inquires about where to get help about Forge from various directions. It’s not always clear where to go to get help, is it? So here it is, I’m listing a few options to get help when you are developing with Forge API.

There are basically five options as far as I’m aware of. But not everything may apply to you; depending on the type of API and your subscription level, you may or may not be entitled to have an additional support channel:

  • stackoverflow – popular forum among developers. Use with a forge tag. (See below if you don’t know how to use tags). Open to anybody.
  • Forge Help e-mail – send e-mail to forge.help@autodesk.com. Open to anybody.
  • BIM 360 API Forum – this is limited to BIM 360 API only. Open to anybody.
  • Autodesk Developer Network or SFDC DevHelp Online – ADN member only site.
  • Autodesk Customer Support – Enterprise Priority Support and Advanced Support subscribers are entitled to receive API support.

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Materials from Forge Hackathon

Long overdue. But I myself ended up looking for the materials from the Forge Hackathon, two-month long series of online events to promote web services apps submitted to Autodesk App Store. So here is this, I’m listing them here as a reference.

Introduction to BIM 360 API (HQ API)

This is the session I did. I talked about BIM 360 API, i.e., account level API a.k.a. HQ API. BIM 360 HQ API provides comprehensive coverage. The API gives you an access to the data stored in BIM 360 Enterprise account. You can read/create/modify projects/companies/users information. In the session, I first discuss about the current scope of BIM 360 API, gives a quick product overview, followed by the detailed discussion account level API.

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