Materials from Forge Hackathon

Long overdue. But I myself ended up looking for the materials from the Forge Hackathon, two-month long series of online events to promote web services apps submitted to Autodesk App Store. So here is this, I’m listing them here as a reference.

Introduction to BIM 360 API (HQ API)

This is the session I did. I talked about BIM 360 API, i.e., account level API a.k.a. HQ API. BIM 360 HQ API provides comprehensive coverage. The API gives you an access to the data stored in BIM 360 Enterprise account. You can read/create/modify projects/companies/users information. In the session, I first discuss about the current scope of BIM 360 API, gives a quick product overview, followed by the detailed discussion account level API.

You can view the recording on YouTube:

The presentation slides is posted here: Introduction to BIM 360 API.pdf. Or you can download it directly from here:  download.

Other Materials Related to BIM 360

There are other sessions which you may be interested in taking a look. In particular, ones which talk about Data Management and Model Derivatives are something I would recommend as BIM 360 Docs will be soon accessible through those API as well.


Although no direct reference in the BIM 360 API presentation above, for the sake of completeness, here is a list of links to the rest of sessions in case you are interested in:

Hope you will find them useful.



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