From AU/DevDay 2016

What a week.  I just got back from Autodesk University (AU) and Developer Day 2016 in Las Vegas. I knew it was going to be a busy one. But still AU for me only gets busier and busier each year. On Monday, we had Developer Day whole day; the general session started 8 AM in the morning, and breakouts in the afternoon till 5 PM. I was responsible for organizing the AEC breakout in the afternoon. Sasha Crotty, Platform and API Product Manager for Revit, presented about Revit API updates. I presented BIM 360 API updates, followed by Augusto Goncalves briefly presenting about Civil 3D and Infraworks 360. I feel lucky to have a person like Sasha as a Revit PM, who used to be a Revit developer herself, understands both technical and business side, and very comfortable presenting to a large audience. As in previous years, Revit API session was fully packed, many standing in the back. The clear sign that the momentum of Revit is not yet weakened. My session about BIM 360 went well as well. On Tuesday we had so-called DevLab, which is a walk-in clinic-type setting, where a developer can stop by to ask API related questions. I also had one class of my own on Wednesday about API for BIM 360 Docs as well as helping two other classes. I plan to write about BIM 360 Docs API in subsequent posts in the next few weeks.

AU 2016 Forge Booth Demos

In addition to DevDay, DevLab and AU classes, I also had a booth duty; we had our own Forge booth first time this year. Entire Forge Program Development team (the successor of Autodesk Developer Network team) who were at AU was involved with it. As a part of Forge booth duty, one thing we needed to do was being able to demo sample web applications including ones by our partners. They certainly give you an idea about what you can do with Forge API. Many of them, in particular ones by our partners, are quite impressive. Before it becomes fading memory, I’m going to list them here.

Forge Data Management and Viewer Samples

These samples show the fundamental functionalities of Forge Data Management and related APIs. The samples are written by the members of DevTech. You should be able to access source code on github.

    Data management and model derivative sample. By Adam Nagy
    A sample demonstrates the access to the files on A360 through Forge Data Management API, and the usage of the model derivatives to translate a file and retrieve meta data and properties. (Note: Public access to BIM 360 Docs is still to come. During the AU, we have demonstrated a preview version.) You can find the source code here.Below shows an image from the Data Management and Model Derivative sample demonstrating the access to A360 files, file translation, and geometry extraction.mdsamplebyadam
    Data management, model derivative sample. By Philippe Leefsma
    A similar to above, a sample demonstrates the access to the files on A360 using Data Management API and the shows the usage of model derivatives. (Same about BIM 360 Docs access. Expected to come near future.) You can find the source code here.

Viewer Basic

Viewer Additional Graphics

Viewer Test/Learning Tools

    Test bed for LMV viewer. By Kean Walmsley
    If you are already developing using viewer, this site may get handy to troubleshoot.

By Partners

    Gallery of simulation results. By SimulationHub
    My favorite site.  You can find various examples of simulation result overlaid on top of 3D model. Try out animation of air flow in the building, for example.  Very cool.In the sample image below, the airflow in a building is shown as an animation.simulationhubimage
    Bldng360 site. By CAD and Company
    CAD and Company, an early adapter of Viewer is aiming to have a “YouTube” of building design.
    Manufacturing and Animation. By Dotty
    Examples include an animated instruction of furniture assembly, applying transformation to components in the viewer.

Box/Google Drive and Viewer Integration

Design Automation


Feel free to try them out.  Have fun!


Updated 11/14/2017.


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