Activating API Access to Docs

Updated 3/17/2021: revised to include Autodesk Construction Cloud unified products, a.k.a. ACC unified.
Updated 1/16/2018: updated with new UI.

BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) unified products’ Account Administration (or Account Admin for short) has a feature to control API access. I have described about this in my earlier post. As a part of recent update, this feature was extended to include the control over API access to Docs. The owner of Docs account can now activate API access to Docs and invite a developer to grant API access. 

Note: as of February 2021, API access is activated for all new account. However, if you have an older account with less than 100 users, you may not have API access automatically activated. If you do not see “Apps and Integration” tab under SETTINGS tab of Account Admin module, you will need to request to activate it. Please refer to this post for where to make a request: “No ‘Apps Integrations’ tab?”.

Activate API Access

Below is the step-by-step instruction to activate API access to Account Admin and Docs. (The steps are the same as described on the product’s help page. But below includes images for additional clarity.)

  1. Log into your BIM 360 or ACC and go to Account Admin >> BIM 360 Admin
  2. If you have more than one account, choose one you want to integrate your application from the pull down menu at the top.
  3. Go to “SETTINGS”.
  4. You should see another layer of tabs within the SETTINGS. Among them is “Custom Integrations” tab (the third one from the left), which is visible only if you are the account owner of license types mentioned above.


5. Click on “Add Custom Integration” button to register your app for the specific account. “Add Custom Integration” dialog appears (image below).

Choose the APIs you want to have an access: Account Administration and/or Docs. Click “Next”.


(Note: if you do not see “BIM 360 Docs” in the above dialog, you don’t have Docs service associated with your account. If you are planning to integrate with Docs, check your subscription first and come back here. You can also apply for Docs account for development.)

6.  You will be presented with a dialog where you can specify whom you want to give an access to API:

  • “I’m the developer” — If you are using API yourself, choose this one.
  • “Invite a developer” — If you want to invite a 3rd party developer, choose this.

Here we’m choosing the first one, “I’m the developer”. Click “Next”. (An example of “Invite a developer” comes later in this post.)


7. The form to fill in App information like shown below appears. In the form, fill in the information. The key information here is your Forge Client ID.
You can obtain Forge Client ID from portal >> My Apps. If you haven’t created/registered your app, or if you are not familiar with Client ID yet, please refer to this page for more information: “Create an App” .

Finally, click “Save.”


You will see a brief message saying that your app is active.


You have now activated API access to Docs! You can use your app (or your app’s client ID) to access Docs data.

Invite 3rd Party

The above sequence shows you as the developer. If you are not a developer yourself and have a 3rd party developer writing code you, or you want to integrate an app written by the 3rd party developer, you can invite them to give an access to your data.

In the step 6 above, choose “Invite a developer.” Enter the e-mail address of the developer that you want to invite (image below).


When you click “Send”, the system will send an e-mail like below to the address you entered:


When the developer receives the invitation e-mail and click “Get Started”, the developer will be directed to the same form shown on the step 7 above. The developer can then fill necessary information, such as Forge Client ID. The difference from “I’m the developer” is that, after the form is filled in, it won’t go to the account owner’s Account Setting page.

Finally, the account owner approve the app that the developer entered by clicking the “Approve” button in the “Apps & Integrations” tab (the image below).


Then, the app becomes “Active”.

If you have successfully gone through the above, you or your developer is ready to use API now.


Updated 8/20/2017: Replaced the images with new UI. Modified the information about who has access to the API to reflect the latest. And updated the link to the ADN extra-net to the new site.


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