Forge Subscription FAQ

I’m not an expert of sales side of discussion. Still, questions like “does ADN membership include Forge subscription?” comes to me occasionally. Forge subscription model itself has evolved since the DevCon last year. There are a few things that I myself wasn’t sure and needed to ask. So here I’m sharing a few questions and answers that I happen to have received recently. These are supplemental to the information that are described on the official Forge pricing page:

Disclaimer: the information written here is from the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing (2/4/2017). There may be some changes coming in future. Please check the latest on the official pricing page, and use “Contact Forge Sales” button found at the bottom of that page for more information.    

Q1. Does ADN membership include Forge subscription?

A1. No. ADN membership does not include Forge subscription. You will need to subscribe Forge separately.

Q2. Do we need to subscribe Forge to use BIM 360 (a.k.a. HQ) API?

A2. No. But you will still need to register on the developer portal. Please register using Free Trial for now. You will become a registered portal user after 12 month.

Q3. Do we need to subscribe Forge to use BIM 360 Docs API?

A3. Yes. To use Data Management, Model Derivatives and Viewer, which are APIs to access Docs, you will need to subscribe Forge. See Q2 above for HQ.

Q4. What happens with Free Trial after 12 months? Will I no longer be able to log in to the developer portal and create apps?

A4. You will still be able to create apps after Free Trial expires in 12 months. At that time, the user will become a registered portal user, and their API selection will be limited to the free product APIs such as BIM 360 HQ (a.k.a. SaaS or Software as a Service).

Q5. Our company has Enterprise Priority (EP) Support agreement. Do I still need a separate Forge subscription to use API?

A5. Yes. Forge subscription is not a part of EP agreement. You cannot use “token flex” for Forge cloud credit.

I intend to update this page as I get more on this topic.



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