No “Custom Integrations” tab?

Note on 7/4/2019. In case you are wondering if this manual process is still in place; YES, as of July 4th, 2019, this process is still valid.  

Update on 11/29/2017. “Apps & Integrations” tab was renamed as “Custom Integrations”.

To access data stored in BIM 360 Docs through API, you need to manually “provision” your app first. This is done in “Account Admin” page >> “Settings” tab >> “Custom Integrations” >> “Add Custom Integration”:


By default, “Custom Integrations” tab is visible only for the account with 100 users and more. If you want to use API, but you don’t see the “Custom Integrations” tab, you can request to have it activated.

Send a request to:

with the title “BIM 360 Docs – API Activation Request” and the following information:

  1. BIM 360 Account ID (*1)
  2. BIM 360 Account Name (e.g., “Autodesk Forge Partner Development”. See the top of the image below)
  3. BIM 360 Account Admin Email

*1) You can find the account ID from:  BIM 360 Account Admin >> “Settings” tab >> “Profile” >> “View Account ID” link in the lower-left of the screen:


Upon request, Autodesk sales team will activate “Custom Integrations” tab for you.


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