Forge DevCon at AU 2017 Las Vegas

Have you registered for Forge DevCon at AU 2017 Las Vegas?  If you haven’t and planning to come, here are a few pointers to register. (It may not be obvious how to add DevCon afterward.):

  1. Register to Forge DevCon through the AU registration page.
    • Combined ticket includes Forge DevCon – $2,175
    • Forge DevCon standalone ticket – $295
      (AU is very expensive, isn’t it?)
  2. If you already have a ticket to AU and want to add Forge DevCon.
    • You can add to the AU full price ticket – $95
    • Call customer service at call 888-371-1722 (toll-free in the United States) or 415-446-7717.
    • Or send an email to customer service
      They will add for you.

I myself is busy for preparing for AU/DevCon Vegas. Not just for my own class, but also as an AEC track lead as well as having early hands on new API that product teams are working on to show off in Vegas. (including Design Automation for Revit – shh 😉

There are a lot of classes to choose from. If you haven’t decided which one you want to attend, here are a list of classes about Forge in AEC Track that our partners and colleagues are presenting.

First, here is the link to session catalog.

Forge Road Map and Meet the Experts

Partner Sessions


Forge and BIM 360

Customer Stories

Design Automation for Revit


I hope to see you in Vegas in a few weeks~



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