Design Automation for Revit

Update June 15, 2019: Design Automation for Revit (DA4R for short) is currently in public beta. I’ve created a designated page for DA4R, which I intend to update as we go along. Please refer to it for further development.  

As of this writing (6/20/2018), Design Automation for Revit (DA4R) is in private beta. It’s not publicly available. But we receive inquiries quite frequently. So I’m putting together a list of available materials to learn about DA4R. I intend to update this page as more information become available.

To use DA4R, you will need to know both worlds: Revit addin as desktop application, and Forge and/or Web programming. If you are not familiar with both, you may start looking at them to be ready when DA4R is.

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Forge Demo Sites

Continuing with the previous post, when we talk about what Forge is and what you can do with it, the best way is to see demos. Many of samples shown in the recordings in my previous post are available for you to try out yourself.


Autodesk Viewer
Free viewer site. You can give it a try with your favorite model.


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What is Forge? Recordings and Tutorials

Trying to help my colleagues who are presenting about BIM 360 and Forge, I was giving a few pointers as reference. I thought the list might get handy for myself, too. So here it is a list of links to recordings about Forge in the context of AEC and BIM, together with the links to tutorial materials.

First, for those who are less technical and/or if you are interested in finding out what Forge is and what you can do with it, below show you with a plenty of demos of applications by our partners and ourselves:

If you are developer and interested in writing code, these will be a good starting point:

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