Forge Demo Sites

Continuing with the previous post, when we talk about what Forge is and what you can do with it, the best way is to see demos. Many of samples shown in the recordings in my previous post are available for you to try out yourself.


Autodesk Viewer
Free viewer site. You can give it a try with your favorite model.


Viewer Rocks
Forge Viewer UI customization sample. Click on one of sample models to load. Try full screen, auto-rotate and explode mode, and see what happens. (In recording, 1:10)


2D/3D, Visual Report
Looks at the same model in different views. Clicking on an element in 3D highlights the same element in the 2D view, and vice versa. You can also select element type in a chart to highlight all elements of the given type in 2D and 3D view. (In recording, 2:41)


Database Integration (rcdb)
This sample connects a model with database. Choose a model. The materials list on the top right is from database. Clicking on a material displays elements made from that materials. Properties pane has additional custom category “Database” (scroll to the bottom).  If edit the material price in the database table, the price in the property window changes too. (In recording, 1:51)

This sample also demonstrates a couple of extensions that can be activated from the command toolbar in the viewer:  “Visual Report”, “Markup3D” and “Transform”.

Demo Database

Dasher 360
Visualization of sensor data integrated with a model.

Once the model has fully loaded, click the ‘kiosk mode’ button (looks like a filmstrip) to run an auto-demo. (Demo stops when you move the mouse). It will give you an idea of what kinds of functionalities the dashboard have.

(The model is our Toronto office. Data used to come from various IoT sensors in the office. But this is now offline and kept for demo purpose.)

Dasher 360

IoT Hot Spot (rcdb)
A sample to demonstrate the idea of IoT sensor integration idea. (For demo purpose, data is not real one.)

Click on a hotspot in the model or on an item list on the right to show ‘streaming IoT data’. (In recording, 4:39)

(There is a way to connect your laptop to a real sensor and stream the data live to the sample, creating a much more impressive user experience. You need a texas sensor tag and running that project locally, plus a bluetooth connection:

IoT Hotspot sensor

Model Derivative API

Derivatives Sample
This sample shows the capabilities of the Model Derivative API. The left most pane list hubs/projects/folder structure you have access to. The middle pane shows data that you can obtain using Model Derivative API for the model selected: the hierarchy of the model, available export formats,  and the meta data extracted from each component in the model. Selected model/elements are displayed in the viewer.



Webhooks Demo Sample
This sample demonstrates Webhooks notifications. When changes are made to BIM 360 Docs, BIM 360 Team and Fusion 360, notifications are sent to SMS, Email and/or chat bot.


BIM 360 Integration

Google Drive/BIM 360 Integration  (retired)
Copy files from A360, BIM 360 Team/Docs and Fusion 360 to your Google Drive account. (Note: For Docs, your project admin must have ‘authorized’ the app for it to work. See here on how to activate API access for Docs.) The source is available on github.

Update March 2019: the live demo is no longer available in favor of partner apps which have the similar and better functionalities. Visit BIM 360 App Store for partner apps.


Google Drive Viewer  (Live demo is currently not available. May, 2019.)
If you have design files in Google Drive, you can try this app to translate and view them on the fly. You can use the above app to copy the files to Google Drive. (In recording, 3:53) Source code is available on github.


BIM 360 Visual Reports
Visual Report integrated with BIM 360 Docs. Try with a Revit file, clicking on an element in the 3D view highlights the same element in the 2D view, and vice-versa. Click on a Type in the pie chart to highlight all elements of that given type in both views. Full source code and deployment details are available on github.


BIM 360 Export to Excel
Export properties data (or meta data) to an Excel spreadsheet. Works with BIM360 Docs and Revit file. Full source code and deployment details are available on github.


BIM 360 App Store
You can find apps by our partners here. There are additional apps similar to Google Drive app by DevTech team supporting different file storage solutions, such as OneDrive, DropBox, Box and Egnyte.

There is also “in product” integration apps displayed within BIM 360 Account Admin page for easier deployment.


Partner Examples

Simulation result is drawn on top of viewer. Impressive usage example. You can try using one of gallery samples.


Animated furniture assembly instruction using Viewer. While you cannot modify the model in the viewer, you can perform translation over geometric objects. Creative use of the viewer.  (You can find the demo at the bottom of the page.)


This site hosts building models allowing to share externally, aiming to be YouTube of design models. (In recording, 3:16)



I plan to add more when I get a chance.




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