See You at AU/DevCon Vegas

Hard to believe, but AU/DevCon Las Vegas, the biggest annual event by Autodesk, is less than two weeks away now. Our marketing team is busy pushing for the number of registrations while various product teams are working hard trying to push the new features out by AU. Our team including myself is busy reviewing new APIs and writing samples with APIs which are still hot in the oven.

I myself is speaking at one DevCon class about BIM 360 API on Monday, co-presenting with Xiaodong Liang and Augusto Goncalves:

FDC227337 – New BIM 360 APIs to Empower your Design and Construction Workflows

We just finished handouts. We are happy to tell you that we are going to cover Issues, RFI and Checklists API’s. Issues API, which was released a few months ago, is going to change soon due to the fact that there is a change in the product side. I’m needing to leave the product side detail to the product team to announce shortly.

Our team is also contributing for demo samples for Design Automation for Revit. Zhong Wu and Augusto are heads down with them right now. We are working on samples which combine Issues API with Design Automation as a way to capture document or design issues and to add people in the workflow by assigning people and storing and marking the status of action taken in the BIM 360. It will be fun showing off what the team has been working.

If you haven’t registered for AU/DevCon, here is the link to the registration site:

If you haven’t decided which classes you want to attend, or overwhelmed by the long list to choose from, here is a list of DevCon classes I may recommend as AEC/BIM focused classes:

Our new VP of Autodesk Cloud Platform will be giving a Keynote:

After attending DevCon on Monday, if you want to further discussion, we also have a DevLab on Tuesday, which is a drop-in workshop and short informal lab for software developers:

Myself, Forge team, as well as engineers from the product team including Revit team, who are working on the Design Automation will be there. Feel free to stop by.

In addition, we will be also at Forge Answer Bar in the exhibition hall during the hall’s open hours. Feel free to stop by to ask questions, or just to say hi. It will be nice to put face to the names if we met virtually, but never met in person.

I hope to see you in Vegas in two weeks!



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