BIM 360 Project Home: Card Library and Partner Apps

BIM 360 Project Home has a feature that allows you to customize its dashboard. The user can choose a “card” from a card library and add a pane within the main web page of Project Home, which represents the entrance to your app much like iframe does in HTML.


If you haven’t tried yet, you can take a look from: BIM 360 Project Home >> Customize (upper right of dashboard area) >> Card Library >> select and add a card to your dashboard. You can find more information about how to add cards on product help. A list of available partner cards is found here. Below is the detail of sequence of how to add a card.

1. From BIM 360 Project Home module, click on “Customize”.


2. Click on “Card Library”.


3. Scroll the CARDS field, and choose a card(s) you would like to add, and click “Add Card”.



4. For each card you chose, click on “Configure”. Fill in “Partner URL”, which you get from the partner for your project. Optionally, you can change the Card Title. Click “Save”. Do this for each card you chose. If needed, you can move around the cards and configure the layout by drag and dropping the cards.


5. Make sure to click on “Save” once more at the upper right corner to finish off adding cards. (If you find your cards are lost, you probably forgot this last step to save.)


6. After adding cards, the project dashboard looks like the picture at the top.

How can I add my company’s app to the card library?

You might have notice that the card library includes a collection of partner cards. A question I receive occasionally is: “How can I add my company’s app to the card library?” Currently there is no automated way or to add by “self-service.” If you have a web service which you think is appropriate for the context of Project Home and you would like have it included in the library, please contact using the following e-mail address. Upon request, somebody from the sales team will contact you to discuss further.

E-mail to:
Title: “BIM 360 Project Home – Card Library and Partner Apps Request”,

In the body, include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your company name
  3. Your e-mail address
  4. The name of App you would like to add (if applicable)
  5. The description of the app. (Or the link to the page that has the description.)

Upon request, our sale team will contact you to discuss further.

I intend to add technical FAQ here as we receive more inquiries. For now, feel free to contact the address above for any questions you may have.


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