BIM 360 Docs API Update

I’m happy to inform you that the latest update for Forge Data Management (DM) includes important enhancements for BIM 360 Docs support; you can upload a file now (y). The documentation page is updated to include Docs. I myself have been waiting for this for a long time. While we are aware that this is not complete, this is a big milestone. Here is a quick summary of the current status of DM support for Docs.

Key Points

Basic workflow is identical to A360 Personal Hubs and BIM 360 Team (as well as Fusion Team). A few differences are:

  • Docs support 2-legged and 3-legged.
  • “Hubs” is equivalent of “Accounts” in BIM 360.
  • Docs requires an additional step for provisioning or activating API access in HQ.
  • Look for the use of extension types, such as *:autodesk.bim360:* instead of *:autodesk.core:*

API Basics page describes extension types and data management services in detail.

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BIM 360 Enterprise: Activating API Access to Docs

BIM 360 Enterprise Account Administration (or HQ for short) has a feature to control API access for HQ. I have described about this in my earlier post. As a part of recent update, this feature was extended to include the control over API access to Docs. The owner of Docs account can now activate API access to Docs and invite a developer to grant API access.

Important: Currently (as of January 19, 2017), the API access to Docs is in preview mode. Please do not use with your production data. You should have read access to project data. However, the documentation is still to come. We don’t recommend to try complex access, such as write access, till the proper workflow is documented and made available. (Update: 2/6/2017 – upload is possible now (y). Please refer to this post.)

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