See You at AU/DevCon Vegas

Hard to believe, but AU/DevCon Las Vegas, the biggest annual event by Autodesk, is less than two weeks away now. Our marketing team is busy pushing for the number of registrations while various product teams are working hard trying to push the new features out by AU. Our team including myself is busy reviewing new APIs and writing samples with APIs which are still hot in the oven.

I myself is speaking at one DevCon class about BIM 360 API on Monday, co-presenting with Xiaodong Liang and Augusto Goncalves:

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Forge DevCon at AU 2017 Las Vegas

Have you registered for Forge DevCon at AU 2017 Las Vegas?  If you haven’t and planning to come, here are a few pointers to register. (It may not be obvious how to add DevCon afterward.):

  1. Register to Forge DevCon through the AU registration page.
    • Combined ticket includes Forge DevCon – $2,175
    • Forge DevCon standalone ticket – $295
      (AU is very expensive, isn’t it?)
  2. If you already have a ticket to AU and want to add Forge DevCon.
    • You can add to the AU full price ticket – $95
    • Call customer service at call 888-371-1722 (toll-free in the United States) or 415-446-7717.
    • Or send an email to customer service
      They will add for you.

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From AU/DevDay 2016

What a week.  I just got back from Autodesk University (AU) and Developer Day 2016 in Las Vegas. I knew it was going to be a busy one. But still AU for me only gets busier and busier each year. On Monday, we had Developer Day whole day; the general session started 8 AM in the morning, and breakouts in the afternoon till 5 PM. I was responsible for organizing the AEC breakout in the afternoon. Sasha Crotty, Platform and API Product Manager for Revit, presented about Revit API updates. I presented BIM 360 API updates, followed by Augusto Goncalves briefly presenting about Civil 3D and Infraworks 360. I feel lucky to have a person like Sasha as a Revit PM, who used to be a Revit developer herself, understands both technical and business side, and very comfortable presenting to a large audience. As in previous years, Revit API session was fully packed, many standing in the back. The clear sign that the momentum of Revit is not yet weakened. My session about BIM 360 went well as well. On Tuesday we had so-called DevLab, which is a walk-in clinic-type setting, where a developer can stop by to ask API related questions. I also had one class of my own on Wednesday about API for BIM 360 Docs as well as helping two other classes. I plan to write about BIM 360 Docs API in subsequent posts in the next few weeks.

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Urban Innovation Festival and Outdoor Hackathon

Summertime typically means outdoor activities. Hackathon is not something you usually associate with outdoors. Who wants to spend sunny weekend indoors?

Design Museum Boston, a group of energetic, creative minds who love city, recently hosted an event called Urban Innovation Festival. It was a design competition to revitalize the space underneath of the interstate highway overpass. The competition was in the form of 2.5 days hackathon over the weekend between July 29-31. What’s unique about this event was that it took place outdoor, open space right at the location of the design challenge: i.e., underneath of the I-93 in the city of Boston. This is the area typically considered not inviting. People normally feel uncomfortable walking alone and consider unsafe. The overpass is dividing communities on the both sides. The intention of the event was to change this negative atmosphere through design. Autodesk was one of the sponsor for the event. Several of us from Autodesk Manchester and Boston offices participated.

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Materials from Forge DevCon 2016

Long overdue. The materials from Forge DevCon 2016 back in June are finally available. I’m listing the links below along with some notes from my perspective. (I was the AEC track lead. My view is more from AEC perspective.) Also note that not all the materials are available. The keynotes are only ones that speakers gave us a permission. The class session recordings were made after the conference, and only ones that the speakers were willing to do so.

Forge DevCon 2016 Archive Page

This is the main link to Forge DevCon 2016 archive page. You can find recordings of the keynotes. It also keeps the agenda and abstracts as well as list of speakers.

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Boston TechJam 2015, VR and EMBER 3D Printer

There was a big festival-like atmosphere at City Hall Plaza in Boston on Thursday evening. There was the event called Boston TechJam. It’s a networking event for tech companies with the goal of fostering startups and innovators, allowing them to showcase their latest technologies. There was food, beers, music, and games. There was also “pitch tournament” by top startups. Anybody who is interested in technology were invited to come. According to the e-mail that we received from the organizer in the morning of the event, nearly 4000 had bought tickets by that time and there was an option of walk-in. According to BostInno, TechJam is the largest innovation meet-up in the region. It was indeed a jam of people and jam of activities.

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Rings, Earrings and 3D Printing – Girls Technology Day

Several women and a man from Autodesk Manchester and Waltham offices were at a local event called Girls Technology Day today. The event was sponsored by the State of New Hampshire, Department of Education and held at Manchester Community College. The goal of the event was to promote girls in engineering and get high school freshmen and sophomore female students interested in various engineering fields and applications. 250 girls from 25 high schools were invited to attend.

Autodesk Manchester office was first contacted back in December. Since then, a group of women who volunteered to help got together occasionally and brainstormed/discussed what we could do to help the event. At the end, we decided to do two types of hands-on classes as well as taking part in the vendor space.

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AEC Hackathon 2.1 Chicago

As I was writing in my earlier post, there was AEC Hackathon in Chicago over the weekend of March 6~8. This time, no snow, and I could make it (although it was still freezing cold when I arrived). It was a different story for Jaime who was flying from New York; New York was hit by yet another snow storm. After his flight was cancelled three times and taking detour, he ended up spending more than 24 hours to fly from NY to Chicago. Usually those things happen to me. (My manager always tells me that he will never ever travel with me.) Feels like Jaime kindly took the Jinx from me. Any way, we both arrived to the opening of the event on time. Two colleagues (one being soon-to-be an official colleague) were there as well: Colin McCrone from Computational Design team and Mohammad Rahmani Asl who just finished his Ph.D., and will be starting as a member of Energy Performance Analysis team in May.

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AEC Hackathon 2.0 New York and Girls

There was AEC Hackathon in New York over the last weekend (Jan 30 ~ Feb 1). For those who haven’t heard about AEC Hackathon, it’s an informal event that helps create an opportunity for technology enthusiasts to get together, share ideas and build something new together. AEC Hackathon specifically targets the goals of improving built environments.

I was planning to drive down to NY to join if the weather permits. But due to the snow storm, I decided not to. But Jaime Rosales from our team joined. During the team meeting, Jaime enthusiastically talked about it and shared photos from the events: 3D scanning, Google’s Project Tango, robot, FieldLens, etc. It surely sounds like it was another successful event.

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