Field api/projects Returning Erroneous is_active Value

There was an interesting question. /api/projects call returns a field named is_active with a value of true/false. This indicates which project is currently active in the given UI session. This could be easily mistaken as project status.

Q.  /api/projects call returns is_active, a value of true/false.  But it is not reporting correctly. Please see the images below.

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Uploading a File to the Library

In my previous post, we looked at how to attach a file to an equipment programmatically. In this post, we will look at how to upload a file to the library with tags. The code is actually simpler with uploading to the library as we don’t require a secondary level parameter collections about the detail of the uploading file.

Publish – Request

This is a call to upload a document to the project’s library.


Supported Request Methods: Post


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Attaching a File to an Equipment

Programmatically uploading and attaching a file to a Field object is possible using the Field API REST call:

POST /api/attachments

This week, I got an inquiry about how to attach a file to an equipment. I thought a little more explanation with a minimum code sample beyond online document might be helpful to understand the usage.

Attachments – Request

This is a call to upload/delete an attachment.


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Field API: Search Issues by Date Updated

Here is another question I got from my colleagues a few times. Again, this is about issues/search. This time how to filter by the date of update.

Q.  We want to search for all the new or updated issues since a specific date. For example, we want to get all the new or updated issues since the last Friday (07/24/2015). Is there an API call that will allow us to make such request?

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Field API: Get the Number of Issues

This is a questions I got from my colleague. Quick one, yet, might be easy to miss if you are skimming through the document.

Q.  Is there a way to get the total number of issues in a given project without actually retrieving the issue records?

A.  You can use:

POST /api/get_issues

with “count_only” parameter set to non-nil. (In another word, you can give any value.) This will return only the issue count, e.g.,



Field API: Filter Issues by Issue Type

This topic was raised through a forum post. I also saw a similar inquiry came internally, too. I thought it’s worth a little bit of explanation.

Q. We would like to get a list of issues filtered by project and issue type. However, we do not find any API option to filter by issue type using BIM 360 Field API /api/get_issues. If we attempt to get the whole list and filter ourselves, we are running into timeout exceptions as most of our projects have large number of issues. Is there any other way to retrieve such a list?

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Updating a Custom Field of an Issue by Field API

Q. I want to update a custom field of a given issue through the Field API. Is it possible?

A. It is possible to update a portion of fields of an issue. You can use the call:

POST /fieldapi/issues/v1/update

In fact, it is similar to what we have showed in “Field API Intro” Labs code for creating an issue. The difference is that, instead of using temporary_id which is arbitrary, you specify the id of an existing issue.

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Retrieving Checklist Items with Section

Here is another question I got today.

Q. I’m using Field Checklists API to retrieve Checklists. But I cannot seem to distinguish items under different sections.

A. First, please make sure you use APIs under /fieldapi/. /api/get_checklists is deprecated.

You can use the following two REST calls to retrieve checklists and their detailed data:

  • GET /fieldapi/checklists/v1 — this allows to retrieve a list of checklists for a given project.
  • GET /fieldapi/checklists/v1/:id — this allows to retrieve the detailed information of a given checklist, including a list of items and sections. Here, “:id” is a id of a checklist. “:id” is specified as URL segment as oppose to a “name=parameter” pair.

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AWS IP Address Ranges

We received this question. I thought somebody else might need it, so posting it here.

Q. I need to get the IP addresses of the servers where my BIM 360 Field project is hosted. This is to open the correct range of IP addresses inside of the firewall. Is it possible to get them?

A. Field uses Amazon in the back end. The list of possible IP addresses is published by Amazon:

These EC2 IP ranges are also available in JSON format:

Field web servers are in the US West (Northern California) data center.


09/05/2016 – updated. Took out the link to the original announcement which has been deprecated.

/api/get_checklist_headers Not Returning Full List

This issue of using BIM 360 Field API was brought up a few times in the past. Unfortunately the documentation isn’t updated, yet. So let me write about it.

Q. I’m trying to retrieve checklists for a given project in BIM 360 Field. I’m using REST call /api/get_checklist_headers. This request does not seem to return all the checklists for a project that we see in the Field Web UI. Why is that? How can we get all the list?

A. There is one more parameter missing in the documentation to control this behavior; you will need to include parameter application_version = 1.10 or greater.

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