Troubleshooting Tips Making REST Calls

I’m writing a few troubleshooting tips when you are having a problem making REST calls. I intend to add more as I hear them.

1. POSTMAN is your friend

First and foremost, if you are having a problem making a REST call, please try to test, using a tool that you know should work to verify if your URL and data are correct. This will help narrow down if the issue is due to the data you are passing or your program processing the data.

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Gmail Address + . Tricks

Did you know about little “+” and “.” tricks with Gmail address? If not, please read on.

Occasionally I need to test products like BIM 360 and Collaboration for Revit with different privilege levels. For that purpose, I have been using all sorts of free mail services to have multiple e-mail addresses. Recently my colleague in Building Ops team told me that we can use Gmail with “+” sign. While googling, I further found that there is another using “.”. So here it is. This is from a seven year-old post on gmailblog:

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JSON to C-sharp Class Generator

Here is yet another tool that you might find useful if you are working with REST API, serializing and deserializing a lot. json2csharp ( is an online tool which generates C# classes from a given JSON string. You can take any JSON string, copy and paste to the web page, and with a click of button, you get the definition of classes automatically generated.

As an example, suppose you are using Field API Intro labs. You get a long list of response string in Response textbox. Copy that string into a textbox on the page. Then click “Generate” button. Voila, you get class definitions instantly. The image below shows an example when I copied a response of Field issue list:

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Tools for Testing REST API

There are a couple of tools that I found are very useful when testing Glue and Field REST API calls. As I think it’s not just for me and anybody who is using REST API would benefit, I’m going to give a quick summary here. The ones that I’m currently using actively are:

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