Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias @ Work

Recently one of my colleagues pointed us to a YouTube video. It is about “Unconscious Bias @ Work” by Dr. Brian Welle, Director of People Analytics at Google. At first, I thought this is yet another discussion about gender difference. A half way through, I started to see it goes beyond that. Around 34:50 (min:sec) in the video, he shows a graph of networks among employees; i.e., engineers creating their own tight clusters, sales team another, HR being not well networked, and so on. He goes on and answers questions like advantage of different types of social networks, i.e., between broad vs. intensive social network (47:00). He gives an example of how generalist’s broad social network helped draw ideas from different groups, leading for Google to innovate beyond gmail. While for the invention of contact lenses that measure the level of glucose in your blood to help diabetic people, more intense social network was needed among people who makes the machinery very, very small, chemists and biologists.

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Robotic Fabrication Workshop

Summer time fun at Waltham office. There was a workshop about robotic arm fabrication at Waltham office this week, led by Nick Cote, summer intern and researcher in residence.

The robot we used is ABB IRB-120. It’s a small industrial robot with a shape of “arm”, the height of 70cm (27.5 inch) and the weight of 25kg (55 pounds).

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Autodesk Cloud Services Health Dashboard

Health always comes first. Without it, we cannot do much. We feel helpless.

Autodesk has just launched “Health Dashboard” for Autodesk Cloud Services. You can check the status of Autodesk Cloud Services as well as upcoming maintenance schedule right on the single web page: https://health.autodesk.com

Below is an image of the Health Dashboard. Currently eight cloud services are listed on the page, including BIM 360 Glue and Field.

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LmvDbg – Learning Tool for View and Data API

In my previous posts, I pointed out a sample called “LmvDbg”. It’s an extremely helpful sample to learn about the client side of View and Data JavaScript API. In fact, I would attribute it as a learning “tool” beyond a sample application. When I “googled” about it, however, it appears that nobody explicitly wrote about this sample. I only see a few posts on forum by the author. I thought it’s worth a special attention through a blog post to raise an awareness about this sample. After the basic understanding of View and Data API, for example, through the labs exercises, it’s probably a good next step to look at this sample as well.

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Lab5 View and Data API Intro – Get Properties & Search

Update 11/28/2016. this is written before Forge was introduced and some part might be outdated. Please check the latest at forge.autodesk.com. I intend to update when I get a chance. 

This post was prompted by Sagar’s inquiry about accessing properties of Revit model using View and Data API. He left a comment saying that he followed my tutorial and was able to view the uploaded model successfully. So let’s take View and Data API Intro Lab4 as a starting point and build on top of it. In this post, we are going to add two functionalities that allow you to:

  • Select an object and obtain its properties
  • Search the model for a given string and isolate them in the view

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Arduino Controls View and Data API

Ever since I started to play with Arduino, I wanted to do something with Arduino connecting with one of products that I work with. But I’m always very slow. Well… Ron Dagdag certainly proved that.

Ron Dagdag is one of winners at the recent AEC Hachathon in Dallas. He used View and Data API, overlaid additional information on top of the viewer screen and used leap motion to control it. He has successfully presented his work at the end of the event. But he also had additional idea of connecting Arduino to the Viewer. He was planning to use flex sensors attached to a glove, and control the viewer with hand gestures. Unfortunately, he couldn’t finish this part within the duration of the Hackthon.

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BIM 360 Plan: Latest Addition to the BIM 360 Family


On May 20th, Autodesk has announced the latest addition to the BIM 360 Family called BIM 360 Plan. BIM 360 Plan provides cloud-based solution to manage short-term scheduling and supports so-called lean construction or for eliminating waste in the construction process. Our colleague Paul Walker wrote comprehensive introduction of BIM 360 Plan on his blog. So I’m going to leave the detail to his blog.

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Cut Plane View in A360 Viewer

I received the following question from a partner: “Are there any plans to have a cut plane view in the viewer?” 

This functionality is already there in the latest production version of A360 viewer. API has been there since the last November. It’s under:


This will be a very useful feature. Please try it out if you haven’t, yet.


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Machu Picchu Rock ‘n’ Rolls in A360 Viewer

I was at AEC Hackathon in Dallas from May 1st to 3rd. This time I joined with Shiya Lu, the newest member of my team.

This was my fourth AEC Hachathon (including the one organized by Thornton Tomasetti last May). It turned out to be the smallest among the ones that I attended: about 30 participants probably. But the size does not seem to matter when it comes to Hackathon. There is always excitement, energy, new experience and discovery. While with larger ones, your attention span tends to get choppy (e.g., you may find yourself repeating introduction one after another), a smaller one seems to give you more time to get to know each other one step further.

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3D Web Viewing Technologies from Recent Meetups

Back in February, I wrote about the overview of View and Data API, followed by a series of “Intro Labs” as a way to learn how to get started with the API. Jim Quanci, the senior director of Autodesk Developer Network, was recently showing off a few interesting Web sites that use those View and Data API as well as other 3D web viewing technologies. I myself found them very interesting. I thought I would share with the audience of this blog, too.

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