Design Automation for Revit

As of this writing (6/14/2019), Design Automation for Revit is in public beta.

Design Automation for Revit is in public beta since January 28, 2019. Anybody can give it a try now. I’m putting together a list of available materials to learn about Design Automation for Revit (DA4R for short) here for easy access. I intend to update this page as more information become available.

To use DA4R, you will need to know both worlds: Revit addin as desktop development, and Forge and/or Web programming. If you are new to Revit add-in development and interested in learning, please refer to this page:

The reference on this page focuses about running your add-in on the cloud. 



Code Samples in GitHub

Recordings and Presentations

Below are from AU/DevCon 2017. A bit old and there are changes in API since they are presented, but you can still get a big picture and demonstrate different use cases: