Design Automation for Revit

Update 11/12/2018: Design Automation for Revit will go public beta on January 28, 2019.

As of this writing (6/20/2018), Design Automation for Revit (DA4R) is in private beta. It’s not publicly available. But we receive inquiries quite frequently. So I’m putting together a list of available materials to learn about DA4R. I intend to update this page as more information become available.

To use DA4R, you will need to know both worlds: Revit addin as desktop development, and Forge and/or Web programming. If you are not familiar with both, you may start looking at them to be ready when DA4R is.


Below are the links to two AU/DevCon 2017 classes that talk about DA4R:

The documentation for currently available Design Automation (v2) API, which supports AutoCAD, is something you may want to take a look. It does not support Revit. But you can get a big picture by looking at it:

Here is the link to Revit desktop api information if you are not familiar with Revit API:

Basically, DA4R is running Revit addin app on the remote desktop in the cloud without any UI in a batch mode. If you already have an Revit desktop app, which you are considering to convert as automation app running on the clouds, you may start thinking about how to separate database/core portion and UI portion. By “without UI”, it means that you will need to handle any input from a different source, such as a text file in JSON format. You will also need to handle errors without UI.

If you have all of above, here is a link to sign up for private beta:

Note: the product team is not accepting many at this point while they need to focus on actual implementation. We appreciate your patience while you are wait.

You can e-mail for more info: