Field API: Issues Search with Two Conditions

Q. I would like to search issues with two conditions combined using this:

POST /fieldapi/issues/v1/search

For example, I want Safety Issues that were created on or after September 1, 2016.

I am able to search on a single condition. The documentation suggests like this:

"[\"cf--5bf288e4-21a0-4fe8-9a4b-67c8133fcb92,like,\\\"inspect\\\"\",\"f--status,in,[\\\"Work Completed\\\",\\\"Draft\\\"]\"]"

but I can’t get anything that resembles this to work.

A. The documentation is correct, but it probably needs a little clarification. Quotation marks (“”) and escape makes (\) make it difficult to tell the logic behind it.

A condition is defined as a string of a form:

Condition = field_identifier,operator,”condition_value”

Notice that condition_value is wrapped with quotation marks (“”). As an example, let’s say, we have two conditions A and B as follows:

Condition_A = created_at,geq,\"2015-01-01\"
Condition_B = f--issue_type_id,eq,\"98f6738e-97ce-11e2-a4be-02cc3afa57bd\"

Then conditions parameter is defined as a list ([]) of each condition separated by comma (,).

conditions = [“condition_A”,”condition_B”]

Notice that I’m wrapping each condition with quotation mark (“”), which makes each condition as one string.

Putting together, the conditions parameter looks like this:

conditions = ["created_at,geq,\"2015-01-01\"","f--issue_type_id,eq,\"98f6738e-97ce-11e2-a4be-02cc3afa57bd\""]

Depending on the tools and programming language you are using, you may further need to elaborate with escape character while passing the parameter to your actual REST call.

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2 thoughts on “Field API: Issues Search with Two Conditions

  1. Daniel Frohardt

    How would I search for issues for a specific day (not greater than or equal to)? When trying to use ‘eq’ in my conditions parameter I don’t return any results, but ‘geq’ returns issues on my particular date as well as issues later than my date.


  2. Hi Daniel,

    Just tried it myself. “eq” also works. However, I notice that “created_at” is actually a time. So if you use the condition that includes time, it finds a matching one, e.g.,
    [“f–created_at,eq,\”2016-01-10 14:42:01 -0500\””]
    This means that if you are interested in a specific date, you should use a combination of “geq” and “leq”.
    I will add a note about this to my post.
    I hope this explains.

    By the way, in future, please the BIM 360 API forum for any questions:


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