Materials from BIM 360 Online Hackathon Webinars

We just finished BIM 360 focused webinar series. The webinars were a part of BIM 360 Hackathon, the online event lasting for three months from August 1st to October 31st. The event is to kick off the opening of the new App Store for BIM 360. (Yes, we have App Store for BIM 360 now!) Currently, the store shelf only has apps that are “home grown”. The idea of the webinars is to help developers jump start implementing web service applications using BIM 360 and Forge.

If you missed the webinars, no worries. The webinars were recorded and are posted to the YouTube. I’m adding the links to the recording along with the presentation slides below.

BIM 360 and Forge API Webinars – August 15 ~ 24, 2017

Below is the list of links to the recordings from this month’s webinars and presentation slides:

  1. BIM 360 & Business Opportunity with App Store, by Jim Quanci ( pdf )
  2. BIM 360 & Forge API Overview, by Mikako Harada ( pdf )
  3. Authentication and Data Management API, by Augusto Goncalves ( pdf )
  4. Model Derivative API, by Adam Nagy ( pdf )
  5. Viewer API, by Jaime Rosales ( slides )  
  6. BIM 360 Account Level API, by Mikako Harada ( pdf )
  7. Submitting a BIM 360 App to Autodesk App Store, by Augusto Goncales ( pdf )

The order of the webinars are thought out. We start with going through what is possible today with the demonstration of samples and customer examples (#1) and give a big picture of relationship between BIM 360 and Forge (#2), followed by more detailed explanation of each Forge API as a component (#3-#6). The last one explains how to submit your app to the store (#7).

I hope this will help you jump start your development.



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